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It is not uncommon to hear somebody say “I can not afford to automate” or “it is too expensive to automate”. On the other hand it is not very common to hear somebody say “Can I afford not to automate?” There is a very good reason for this. It is extremely difficult to calculate the amount of money lost if your machine or process is not automated. There are two ways you can lose money by not automating. One is if you quote on a job and lose it and the other is if you make less profit on a job because it took you longer to complete (Wages, lost material etc). We normally know exactly what it will cost to automate say $10 000 or $20 000 for example. The cost of not automating can be ten times that easily depending on the situation. The other important point to stress is that the cost of automation is a one off cost while the savings by automating is repetitive. If you save $1000 per month you save $120 000 over 10 years...

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